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Creating Industrial Intelligence

We deliver calibration, analysis, testing, validation, support for failure analysis via our network of 3000 industrial partners: laboratories, universities, research institutions
as a door-to-door service.
Save time
Focus on your core competencies and we take care of the rest. Gain capacity and competency optimization by working with KÖR and its LABS platform.
Get the best price
From our network of 3000 industrial partners: laboratories, universities, research institutions you will be able to get the best price, so you can become cost-efficient.
Be as efficient as possible
Do not need to benchmark for hours the possible providers, all is just one click away.

14 000+ technical competencies at our 3 000+ industrial network partners:
laboratories, universities, research institutions.

Join our industrial eco-system
1:55 MIN
Outsource is the new insource
1:57 MIN

How it works



Search for calibration, testing, analysis, validation, failure analysis in our service list


Request an offer

Ask for an offer online and we get back to you in 24-48 hours!


Choose the best

Select the most suitable
offer for your needs.


Order service

Order the service either online or via our relevant local phone numbers!

Our references

You would not believe who we work together with, but we exactly know how it goes with the issue of confidentiality, we have learnt a lot about it, coming from the TRIGO world.

Why KÖR?

At KÖR, we are well aware that sometimes you as an industrial client during your production have non- expected failures, capacity shortages, product validation issues, lack of competency and budget restrictions, so we have a new concept of solving your calibration, analysis, testing, validation and failure analysis challenges.

Moreover: confidentiality, integrity, transparency is in our DNA.

Contact us

Tamas Filipovics

+36 30 676 9425

Marius Rică

+40 731 890 972

Ľuboš Blaho

+421 911 754 231

Bernd Schwarz

+49 162 3440276