Analytical results delivered 45% cheaper and faster to all rally races worldwide​





Type of service

Fuel analysis & logistics


100+ years old leading global motorsport body ​

Customer’s challenge

  • Test fuel samples in 20 locations ​​
  • In the past it had been handled by a single global TIC player.​​
  • The rally venues in many cases do not have an accredited vendor in close proximity, therefore logistic costs were exceeding the testing costs themselves.​​
  • Client, wanted to reduce the logistic costs but keeping the accredited testing at the same time. ​​
  • Client does not have the capacity and competency in house.​​


KÖR offers a single provider/multi vendor model within a managed marketplace.

Client benefit

  • The solution delivered by KÖR is 45% cheaper and faster ​​than the previous single vendor solution.​​
  • Thanks to KÖR’s structured network, KÖR was able to ​​provide a service that fully meets the expectations of ​​the client, who could start  immediately.​​