EV battery case study





Provided Service

Product testing and validation

Type of service

Electrical & Thermal abuse and safety testing; Performance testing


  • European automotive T1 battery supplier
  • Products are Li-Ion batteries
  • New parts product validation for supporting client production line PPA release

Customer’s challenge

  • Client has capacity shortage and lack of competencies to perform some EV battery product validation items in time
  • Client executes an internal PPA process for new parts production line release which requires testing and validation services
  • Product testing and validation according to International standards and Customer-specific requirements executed by accredited Lab.
  • Several test competencies out of one Hand
  • Turnaround time


  • One-gate testing and validation service by the involvement of KÖR Group with its wide lab-scale network
  • Customized coordination of testing and validation services with the involvement of a battery expert
  • One Lab made suggestions for testing and validation items to get better results for the needs of the client
  • Full administration follow up and logistic support

Client benefit

  • Simplified product validation service-delivery by 1 provider (KÖR)
  • Majority of service-related coordination and administration is provided by KÖR
  • Time saving with door to door service
  • Proactive communication from the Lab