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Increase your sales and create more revenue by  becoming part of KÖR Laboratory network.

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By becoming a part of our laboratory network you will gain a secondary sales & marketing channel for your business.

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By joining KÖR laboratory network you get access to clients, industries and markets that you have had most probably no access to up till now.

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Browse a diverse range of industrial laboratory projects and start applying with a few clicks. We list the most relevant opportunities based on your services. Our Vendor Team is eager to answer any questions along the application process.

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With KÖR, your laboratory services are not confined to local markets. Our platform provides a global reach, connecting you with clients from various industries and regions. Whether you’re looking to expand across borders or tap into new markets, KÖR facilitates your international growth, ensuring your services are available to a global audience.

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At KÖR, we believe in providing personalized support to our partners. Our dedicated Vendor Team is here to assist you every step of the way. From onboarding to optimizing your presence on our platform, our team ensures you have all the tools and guidance you need to succeed. We are committed to your growth and success.

Why KÖR?

At KÖR, we are well aware that sometimes you as an industrial client during your production have non- expected failures, capacity shortages, product validation issues, lack of competency and budget restrictions, so we have a new concept of solving your calibration, analysis, testing, validation and failure analysis challenges.

Testimonial Section

"Working with KÖR has significantly increased ourvisibility and customer base. The platform is user-friendly, and the supportfrom the Dedicated Vendor Team is outstanding."

Dr. Emily Kovács

Laboratory Director, BioLab Solutions

"KÖR has been instrumental in our expansion into newmarkets. The benchmarking tools have helped us stay competitive, and we’ve seena noticeable improvement in our service levels."

Mr. John Smith

CEO, Advanced Testing Labs

"The KÖR marketplace has provided us with a valuablesales channel, connecting us with clients we would never have reachedotherwise. Our partnership with KÖR has been a game-changer."

Ms. Anna Nagy

Head of Sales, Precision Labs

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