FIB and KÖR Group


“If a KÖR customer has a specific need, when it comes to testing or product validation, they have a great variety of choosing from different suppliers and also from complex product validation techniques. Using our expanded network of nearly 3,000 laboratories, we are able to serve the unique and special requirements of our customers, whether it is complex product validation that requires multiple testing methods, or a laboratory testing that is difficult to find on the market - such as neutron tomography or FIB, that is Focus Ion Beam” – says Zsolt Puskas, General Manager of KÖR Group.

Choose KÖR and you will be able to deliver results in time, with maximum efficiency.

If you are an OEM, T1, T2, T3 and would like to checkout our services/competencies offered through our supplier / partner network, please request a presentation via our website, or just drop us a mail at, or call us at one of our direct phone numbers!

If you are interested in becoming an official laboratory partner of KÖR, please contact us at

About KÖR Group

KÖR Group Plc offers industrial technical problem-solving services to its clients from problem identification through technical analysis to tangible technical problem-solving. Its services are focused on solving its clients’ competency -, capacity - , management issues with using its vast network of laboratories, universities, and scientific institutions. KÖR Group’s roots are coming from the automotive, aerospace, heavy-transportation, rail industry with its professionals working in the industry for more decades. KÖR has been founded as the spin-off of TRIGO Group in 2020.