KÖR has reached a new milestone by connecting with 3000 Laboratories!


KÖR Group now has 3000 Laboratory connections in Europe specialized in technical analysis, tests, measurements, and calibration! “We were eager to attract all possible Laboratories in CEE and in Germany! Our wish is to have a nearshore solution to our clients who are coming from several sectors - automotive, aerospace, rail, heavy transportation, consumer electronics, household electronics, energy - therefore are used to in-time solutions and services” says Zsolt Puskas, General Manager of KÖR Group. “We will later certainly expand our geographical focus further, but now we are focusing on having a strong laboratory footprint and coverage in the CEE region and in Germany first. We certainly believe in the local and regional reach, and yes, we think it is important to focus on building a wide laboratory network.”

Zsolt Puskas explains that “by joining KÖR as a Laboratory, we will enable labs to benefit from our client pool - 8000 clients -, to benefit from our market findings, from our professional sales and marketing channels. We strongly believe in the sharing idea. Let me also mention that via KÖR, even a smaller laboratory might be able to answer a big clients’ tender needs. Therefore, getting into a bigger client’s focus with the existing knowledge and resources - no need to invest in new tools, in new resources – is a real concept offered by joining KÖR as an integrator.

We also believe that under today’s challenging circumstances, selling unsold capacities and capabilities, or the idea is to be partnering with others by joining KÖR as an integrator can easily support a laboratory, to becoming the lab they have not been able to dream of so far.

Our motto is sharing and outsourcing. – adds Zsolt Puskas, Managing Director or KÖR Group.”

About KÖR Group

KÖR Group Plc offers industrial technical problem-solving services to its clients from problem identification through technical analysis to tangible technical problem-solving. Its services are focused on solving its clients’ competency -, capacity - , management issues with using its vast network of laboratories, universities, and scientific institutions. KÖR Group’s roots are coming from the automotive, aerospace, heavy-transportation, rail industry with its professionals working in the industry for more decades. KÖR has been founded as the spin-off of TRIGO Group in 2020.