Ludwig Coenen appointed as Technical Business Development Director DACH KÖR Group


01 April 2022, Düsseldorf, Germany – KÖR is proud to announce the appointment of Ludwig Coenen as Technical Business Development Director of DACH for the KÖR Group. Ludwig will be responsible for the DACH regional development and expansion of KÖR Group. Ludwig Coenen has over twenty-five years of experience within industry market development.

Ludwig is an expert in the field of industrial-, paper-and graphical industry.

Ludwig has been working with international industrial clients since his early career, after finishing his BSc as a Mechanical Engineer at the Fonty University of Applied Sciences, he has an additional diploma at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, having a BSc in Business Administration. Supplemented with additional management, marketing and sales training.

Before joining KÖR he was the Business Development Manager DACH at Intertek. He has spent more than 15 years working for various companies within the DACH region and far east. He has held various positions in project management, sales and after-sales and gets excited by complex challenges.

“It is great news, that Ludwig has joined us, and will be taking care of the technical business development for KÖR Group in the DACH region” - added Bernd Schwarz, the General Manager of KÖR Germany and DACH.

"I know exactly what we, at KÖR has won by having Ludwig on our team, while it is no secret that we have been closely working together over the past years at Intertek."

Ludwig’s extensive experience and knowledge of the industries we would like to develop and expand in the DACH region. Initially, the focus is on the automotive and related sectors. Think about metal and plastic processing companies, will help KÖR Group to expand not only vertically but also horizontally in Germany, in Austria, in Switzerland, in the Netherlands. With Ludwig’s arrival we will be able to offer attractive opportunities to our clients and vendors and therefore build a strong position within the DACH region.”-  said Bernd Schwarz, General Manager of KÖR Germany.

About KÖR Group

KÖR Group Plc offers industrial technical problem-solving services to its clients from problem identification through technical analysis to tangible technical problem-solving. Its services are focused on solving its clients’ competency -, capacity - , management issues with using its vast network of laboratories, universities, and scientific institutions. KÖR Group’s roots are coming from the automotive, aerospace, heavy-transportation, rail industry with its professionals working in the industry for more decades. KÖR has been founded as the spin-off of TRIGO Group in 2020.