Revolutionizing Industrial Measurement: Discover the World of 3D Technology with KOR


As pioneersi n industrial measurement services, we are dedicated to providing innovativesolutions that take your operations to new heights. Today, we invite you toexplore the cutting-edge world of 3D measurement technology and discover howKOR can elevate your industrial processes.

ExploreOur Extensive Laboratory Network

What setsKOR apart is our vast laboratory network, comprising over 3000 laboratories andmore than 6000 competencies. This extensive network enables us to meet yourunique measurement requirements across diverse sectors. Whether you needquality assurance, product compliance, or specialized testing, our global reachensures you have access to the highest standard of service and expertise.

Unveilingthe World of 3D Measurement Services

In today'sfast-paced industrial landscape, the demand for 3D measurement services hassoared, and for good reason. Embracing this trend, KOR has positioned itself atthe forefront of 3D measurement technology, offering you cutting-edge solutionsthat redefine precision.

WhyChoose 3D Measurement?

3Dmeasurement technology surpasses traditional two-dimensional methods, offeringnumerous advantages for industries spanning manufacturing, engineering,aerospace, automotive, and more.

Unparalleled Accuracy: 3Dmeasurement enables precise inspection of complex shapes and geometries,reducing the margin of error to almost negligible levels.

Enhanced Efficiency: Withits ability to capture data rapidly and comprehensively, 3D measurementstreamlines your processes, leading to reduced lead times and increasedproductivity.

Optimized Product Development:Gain deeper insights into your prototypes and products, enabling you to makeinformed decisions, identify flaws, and make necessary improvements early inthe design phase.

Quality Assurance: Ensurethe highest quality standards for your products by leveraging 3D measurementfor critical inspections and validations.

How KÖR Elevates Your 3D Measurement Experience

At KOR, wetake great pride in our state-of-the-art technology and industry expertise,enabling us to offer unmatched 3D measurement services. Our 3000 industrialpartner laboratories are staffed with skilled professionals who are committedto working closely with you to understand your unique needs and providetailored solutions that align with your goals.


What We Offer:

Advanced3D Scanning:Utilizing cutting-edge scanners, we capture detailed point clouds of yourcomponents, providing a comprehensive digital representation for analysis andinspection.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T): Our experts apply GD&T principles toensure your products meet the necessary geometric and dimensional requirementsfor flawless performance.

Reverse Engineering:Leverage our reverse engineering services to recreate physical objects asdigital models, facilitating design improvements, part replication, andarchival purposes.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA): With FEA, we can simulate real-world stresses on your designs,identifying potential weak points and suggesting optimizations for robustness.

Customized Reporting: Receivecomprehensive and easy-to-understand reports that outline measurements,deviations, and actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions.

As wecontinue to lead the charge in industrial measurement services, we remaincommitted to serving your evolving needs with excellence. Our dedication toaccuracy, efficiency, and innovation drives us forward, and we are excited toembark on new challenges and accomplishments together.

Join us onthis journey of precision and reliability, as we revolutionize the world ofindustrial measurement together!