There is a solution to the lack of professionals and to lack of capacity


Instead of alleviating the previous shortage, there is currently a shortage of more professionals in the manufacturing and industrial sector, primarily in the performance of tasks that require training, and in addition, the interruption of the supply of raw materials makes everyday business and customer service more difficult.

However, there are problems for which there is already an effective solution that can be implemented immediately.

The measuring room is an integral part of production

Measuring technology is a field that traditionally requires training, in which not only professional knowledge and experience are indispensable, but also the appropriate tools. Therefore, many companies have built their own measuring laboratories in-house with equipment optimized for full production capacity.

But the capacity calculation is only one half of the solution: process planning is at least as important in measurement technology as in production. However, this is often lacking, because the turnover of the professionals performing the measurements is high, new measurements need to be added when the parts change, or the available measurement system is not fast enough to keep up with the incoming parts. 

Endless waiting is unacceptable in quality control, as delivery, starting production or handling customer complaints can be forced into the parking lot due to the slowness of the processes in the measuring room. 

In addition, the lack of specialists can also cause problems, especially in laboratories where the necessary measurement protocols have changed, and there is no adequate workforce to perform the tasks quickly and efficiently. Therefore, it may be necessary to hire new colleagues or to train the employees there. But training and organizational restructuring are time-consuming and in many cases only provide a temporary solution.


Measuring differently

"At the KÖR Group, we are thinking of a solution that is different from the traditional one. We use the decades of experience shared with TRIGO to make the performance of calibration, measurement, testing, and analysis tasks more efficient with tools that ensure that our partners remain competitive in the future." - says Zsolt Puskás, General Manager of KÖR. 

"We are thinking about a circular model where the accumulated knowledge of measurement technology is used favorably for all parties. We are building a managed marketplace that can be used for optimization and outsourcing. Our customers have access to the capacity of certified, accredited and reliable laboratories in our vendor network, which they can use as if they were performing the measurements in-house. This means that they do not have to deal with time lags, delays in results, or problems arising from errors in the measurement procedure." adds Zsolt Puskás.


If the measurement task is clear 

We offer our customers an option in which they can access the appropriate laboratory measurements and calibrations in such a way that, in addition to the set deadlines and parameters, the tasks are carried out by external laboratories. For this, based on the LABS (KÖR managed marketplace brand name) search, you will find a nearby partner with free capacity, suitable in terms of price and quality, and we will also organize the delivery of the parts. Measurement reports are drawn up on the measurements in accordance with the order. Everything is done exactly the same as if you were measuring in-house, but there is no need to invest or hire new professionals to expand capacity. 

Outsourcing creates an opportunity to reduce your costs, as you do not have to maintain permanent measurement capacity for measurement tasks that are only needed periodically. You can entrust the calibration and measurement tasks to KÖR, without expensive investments. In addition to continuously expanding our vendor network, we guarantee that the labs in their network.


You can use your lab capacities even more 

Thanks to the optimization, you can perform continuous in-house measurement tasks more efficiently and in line with the pace of production. And if you have free capacities that you don't need periodically, you can sell them in the KÖR network. Our experts will help you to assess the unused capacities, and by registering in LABS (KÖR managed marketplace brand name), you can acquire new tasks and orders. 

This will make your production more cost-effective and maximize your profits. You can take advantage of the constraint, while your colleagues develop in further professional tasks. And for this, we provide all professional support so that you only have to concentrate on completing the tasks. 

In the new model, free capacities are utilized and labor shortages become manageable by sharing resources. This is the future of industrial measurement technology, as well as the sale of contract manufacturing capacities in the field of machine manufacturing.