Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) testing

We provide NIAS testing relying on our certified, European laboratory network. We help you ensure product safety, meet your customers’ quality requirements, and regulatory compliance.

What we offer:

  • Real-time price offers on our digital platform, Labs

  • Tailored laboratory selection

  • Expert technical support

Become fully compliant with EU regulations

KÖR and PETCORE Europe have joined forces to support PETCORE Europe members for filing to DG Santé to comply with article 32 on functional barrier of EU 2022/1616. This collaboration aims to streamline the process by

  • running the right measurement techniques,
  • making sure that all labs are measuring the same, which needs proficiency tests,
  • aggregating the data in the same format.
Explore our current suite of NIAS testing services, designed to meet your compliance needs. As we continuously expand our laboratory network and enhance our offerings, anticipate an evolving range of non-intentionally added substances testing service.

Qualification and Semi-Quantification of Non-Targeted Volatile NIAS

This service involves the rigorous identification and partial quantification of non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) within volatile compounds. By employing advanced analytical techniques, our laboratory partners provide a comprehensive understanding of these substances, ensuring compliance and product safety.

Non-Targeted Semi-Quantification of Semi-Volatile NIAS

Focused on semi-volatile NIAS, this service employs advanced analytical methods to provide a detailed, non-targeted semi-quantification. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, our partners deliver a nuanced analysis of semi-volatile substances, offering valuable insights without compromising precision.

Qualification and Non-Targeted Semi-Quantification of Non-Volatile NIAS

This service encompasses the robust qualification and non-targeted semi-quantification of non-volatile Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS). Through sophisticated analytical processes, our partners deliver a comprehensive understanding of non-volatile compounds, ensuring both qualitative precision and insightful semi-quantitative data.

How it works

Experience a seamless NIAS testing journey by using our digital platform, Labs:

  1. Get in touch with us
  2. Request a quote on our digital platform, Labs
  3. Select a real-time offer from our certified laboratory partners
  4. Initiate testing with expert support
  5. Receive standard reports for compliance

Meet our expert

Bernd Schwarz

General Manager DACH

Bernd is General Manager for the DACH region in KÖR and project manager for the NIAS ordering platform Labs, provided by KÖR. He is holding an engineering degree in applied chemistry with specialization in analytical chemistry. Bernd has held several managerial roles at large TIC companies over the last 25+ years and managed several business lines and laboratories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NIAS testing?

NIAS testing ensures the identification and quantification of Non-Intentionally Added Substances in products. It's a crucial step in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards for product safety.

Who is responsible for logistics?

Our service focuses on the core offering, excluding logistics management. You're responsible for arranging logistics independently. Delivery details are available when viewing the selected laboratory's address upon order submission.

How long is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time varies by laboratory. Contact our customer support for specific details tailored to your requirements.

What should I know about reporting?

Certified labs provide standard reports. You have the option to decide whether to share the NIAS analysis results with Petcore, ensuring transparency and compliance.

What is the required sample amount?

For each analysis, 200g + 10% (10% Retain) is required. Find detailed sampling and packaging guidelines conveniently provided in Labs.

What happens to the remaining test materials?

The laboratory retains the remaining sample for 6 months under suitable conditions to prevent contamination.

Why KÖR?

KÖR supports you with its extensive open network of laboratories and partners - logistics, universities, quality experts, institutes, industrial partners - when having testing challenges.